Move pieces faster using your keyboard on Lichess.
It is a legal way to become faster in ultrabullet.

You can try it here:

A video example:

Many thanks to Vempele, the author of the original script, from which I took ideas and parts of the code:

The forum discussion:

How to use:

  1. Create a game against Stockfish on Lichess.
  2. The default set of keys:

w = Moves a pawn forward.
q = Take with a pawn to the left
e = Take with a pawn to the right
s = Queen
shift = King
a = The left knight (without a green square)
d = The right knight (with a green square)
1 = The left rook (without a green square)
3 = The right rook (with a green square)
space = Bishops
2 = cansel premoves
4 = offer rematch
(You can change keys to any other keys)

  1. Try this in a game. To move a piece you have to hover your mouse cursor over a square-destination and press a corresponding key (you don’t have to click your mouse buttons). For example, hover your mouse cursor over e4 and press “w”.

Switching between keys:

It can be difficult to switch between keys.
So there are several possible solutions.
a. Using a second keyboard as pedals, removing all the keys except two in the middle in this manner: PedalsHow to build:

b. Heightening two keys (for example, “x” and “v” by gluing something to them) to press them with the palm. Effectively increasing the number of hand digits to 7.
Heighten keys
Heighten keys

c. Mapping some keys to the mouse. Mouse mapping

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