You can just send me a private message on Lichess. We’ll have a free 20 minute lesson, where we’ll play a couple of ultrabullet games, discuss what you’d like to improve, and if you decide to start training, we’ll talk through our lesson plan, set your goals in ultrabullet, and agree on a schedule. My training includes homework, and personalized lessons. 

My main area of study is speed, so we’ll go through a lot of time scramble situations and develop strategies to win and avoid losing on time. I’ll show you techniques and methods to move the chess pieces faster, avoid checks and use time to your full advantage throughout the game. 

To make the lessons more productive, we might use Skype screen sharing (or another program), so I could watch your game and give advice in real time (we’ll do it in casual games and will let your opponent know that you’re using advice). 
Peak ultrabullet rating: 2611. Average rating: 2400.

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